Foods that support a ketogenic lifestyle

If you saw my latest post...  you should have your macros figured out now.  You might be saying to yourself...  "Great, macros calculated.... now what do I eat to hit those macros?".  Well, let me help you.... Perfect Keto has a a great "Ketogenic Diet Food List"... Some people mistakenly think that the ketogenic diet … Continue reading Foods that support a ketogenic lifestyle


A Macro Calculator For You!

I get a lot of questions from people asking about how to calculate your macros. While there are tons of macro calculators out there,  Here’s my favorite keto macro calculator on the web right now: Perfect Keto Ketogenic Macronutrient Calculator The Keto Calculator will help you find the exact amount of carbs, fat, and protein … Continue reading A Macro Calculator For You!

Perfect Keto – Keto Bar – New Flavors

Finally... my favorite, clean, keto-friendly snack bars, Keto Bars, are now available in two brand new delicious flavors: Lemon Poppyseed and Salted Caramel. What are Keto Bars? They’re literally the cleanest bar on the planet. They: ✅ Taste like dessert, but have no sugar alcohols, dairy, fillers or junk ✅ Have 3g of net carbs … Continue reading Perfect Keto – Keto Bar – New Flavors

NowKeto ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Keto Challenge – Giveaway!!

Update!!! Update!!! Update!!! NowKeto and I have partnered up to offer a free registration into the ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Keto Challenge!  Go to my Instagram account look for the "Giveaway #3" post and follow the instructions to be entered to win. Are you Ready To Challenge Yourself? Do you want to: Get out of a … Continue reading NowKeto ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Keto Challenge – Giveaway!!