get your mind right

credit: @thegentlemensrulebook

So I came across this image on Instagram today. It got me thinking about all my ups and downs and the roller coaster my weight loss journey has been.  What was different about this time from all of the others?  What is so different about a ketogenic lifestyle?

I know right…  pretty deep questions!  Sorry folks, this is how my mind works.  

I can honestly, and truly, say that it is because the ketogenic lifestyle has helped my mind function better than it has in a very long time.  I have so much more focus and clarity now.  I am no longer struggling to concentrate, no having issues focusing on the task at hand.

Previous “diets” were typically calorie limiting, treated all calories the same, and focused primarily on the reduction of fat in what you consumed.  Not only did they starve my body, they starved my brain.  All I was concerned about was when I was going to eat next and what could I eat to stay under my calorie count and within the prescribed portion size.

With the brain fog lifted, I am able to clearly see where I am going with this lifestyle, how is it sustainable and how I can make it work for me.  For me there is great comfort in that!  I was always concerned with previous programs and diets about just how long I could stay on them, and nearly every time fell when I had to travel…  Traveling while “dieting” is no fun at all!  Especially when you are entertaining clients and having breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings.

The keto lifestyle is flexible enough where I can find something to eat anywhere I go.  I no longer worry about what on the menu where ever I am going.   I can make choices while dining with others that don’t immediately brand me as “dieting”…

“umm, I’ll have the 12 oz ribeye, medium rare, with the herb butter please…oh, and a side of loaded broccoli (broccoli with all of the baked potato fixin’s)”  

Now see, that doesn’t seem different than the others I am eating with.  Difference is that after that dinner, I will be satiated for the 14-18 hours… easy.

So the short of it is, a ketogenic lifestyle is more than just a way to lose weight, it has helped to “get my mind right” in so many ways.


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