every day carry… keto style

I travel a lot.  Driving across the state as well as flying to other states and locations and the one thing that i have come to appreciate, is having options!

When travelling, you never really know when you might get hungry and what may  be available to you at that time.  In an effort to remain keto while travelling, I always carry a gallon zip lock bag in my backpack.  Of course there is stuff in it… it is not just an empty bag.

my travel bagWhat is in it you may ask…  well let me tell you, but first a little disclaimer….  Not everything in my bag is 100% organic, non-GMO, “whole keto”.  SOme of the items I consider dirty keto and may not be everyone’s choice.  These arr my choices and what works for me.

Now with that out of the way here is what I carry…

  • Crystal Light – I can always pick up a bottle of water most anywhere.  And the beauty behind a bottle of water… I can refill it!
  • Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers – Sometimes on a flight, or even driving down the road, you get a craving for something.  WHen that happens, I grab one or two of these guys and take care of that craving.
  • Sugar Free Russel Stovers Coconut Dream Candies – These are my “go-to” sweet treat when I cam craving something sweet, usually after a meal.  These are zero carb and are flavored with Erythritol so don’t eat too many (3 is the recommended serving size) or it will turn into a coconut nightmare…  I think you get what I mean….
  • Pork Rinds – This is a small $0.99 bag that travels well.  I am sure most everyone has had cravings for crunchy salty things while travelling…  It used to be chips and doritos for me, now I just grab my pork rinds and remain happy and keep it keto!
  • Quest & Atkins Bars – I always have a coupl of these of different flavors.  These work well as a meal replacement for me when I am running through the airport trying to make my connection and don’t have time to grab something.  Or, if I am arriving late to a city, these help me get over the hump until a true meal.

So there it is, my every day carry (#KETOEDC) that helps me remain keto even during times of stress and duress while out and about.  Even if you are not travelling, this edc bag works well in the office when you are tight between meetings and cant make it out… or on those day s you forgot to bring something for lunch.  Either way, a little up front planning and strategizing goes a long way!

Let me know what your EDC is or if there are other things that you would include.


One thought on “every day carry… keto style

  1. I’ll try the coconut candies. I messed with malitol sweetened chocolate once before, even though they warned me it was used as a baby laxative. I had one bar, but it was so good I had another. “I’m not a baby.” Traffic was really bad, so I had the last one. 20 minutes later, I was stuck in traffic on top of the Buckman Bridge, literally 2 miles in any direction from a toilet, when the pain started. It’s the only time I ever remember having to run for it when I got home.


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