HaloTop… say it isn’t so…

Everyone else is doing it….

My first HaloTop, and I must say I am not impressed! In fact, I am dissappointed.

First, when I went to purchase, I noticed that the one that I had in my hand, Oatmeal Cookie, was something like 6 net carbs…  which I thought was high as I am trying to stay under 20-30 net carbs per day.  After looking through all of the flavors avaialbel at my local Fresh Market, I brough the Chocolate Mocha Chip pint home.

As soon as I put my spoon in, I instantly knew that this was not for me.  As I pushed the spoon through the heavily praised HaloTop, the ice cream crumbled.  It did not slide out,  like every ice cream commercial you have every seen, with a perfectly formed scoop of delectible, creamy goodness.  In fact, this was not creamy whatsoever. I think the perfect way to describe it is …something like powdered ice cream.

Maybe it is the flavor, maybe not.  I have heard from a few people that I need to leave it out for a few minutes first.  That is a no-go for me…  when I want ice cream, I want it NOW.  Not in 5 minutes, not half melted to “make it creamier”!!  After all, it is not everyday I am eating ice cream.

As it stand right now, I am going to stick to my Sugar Free Russell Stover’s candies which have always been my go to treat no are 0 net carbs!  Or, possibly dive into a tub of Breyer’s Carb Smart Chocolate Ice Cream!  

I am sorry to disappoint folks!  However, I would like to hear from you.  What are your experiences and thoughts on HaloTop? Is the texture all the same no matter the flavor?  Are the other low carb ice cream options?  Post a comment and let me know.

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2 thoughts on “HaloTop… say it isn’t so…

  1. I wasn’t impressed with my first Halo Top (chocolate peanut butter… my all-time favorite combo of things that are things) but I gave a few others a try – I like the chocolate chip one best, which is weird because I don’t like chocolate chip ice cream in general (no crunch stuff in my ice cream, please!) I’d definitely give a few other flavors a try.


  2. I haven’t liked any of the flavors except the caramel, and even it’s best when microwaved for 40-50 seconds to soften it up.
    At the moment it’s a no-go since I’m trying to stay under 25-30g of carbs; a half a dark chocolate bar with 14 net grams is easier and just as satisfying.


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