Perfect Keto Bundle…

2_PK_StarterBundle_IG.pngWhat is up everyone! I get asked all the time – “can you please just tell me how do I start?” The Perfect Keto Starter Bundle is a great place to start.

It’s literally everything you could use for great energy, recovery, and testing yourself on a delicious keto diet:

Exogenous Ketones to raise your ketone levels any time of day in order to beat the keto-flu, bridge your way back to ketosis or just for a mid-day boost.
Keto Collagen Protein for soft tissue recovery, including your nails, skin, hair, and GI tract. Plus it’s paired with fats to slow absorption and keep you burning ketones.
MCT Oil Powder for the most versatile, high powdered keto energy snack. If you haven’t tried MCT’s yet, I love them for a mental boost and to feel full.
Ketone Test Strips so you know if you are in ketosis.

Dr. Anthony Gustin at Perfect Keto has extended a screaming deal – $119 for everything. Do the math …. even at their best sale prices, this would normally be $147+. All you have to do is choose if you want the chocolate or vanilla starter bundle, and then start rocking it.  I prefer the chocolate, but you literally can’t go wrong!

The Perfect Keto Starter Bundle also comes with a superb pamphlet from Dr. G about how to use each product, recipes, strategies etc. Look no further than this to hit your #KetoPantryGoals.

Today is the first day of the launch week for a limited time bundle, and Perfect Keto has been known to stock out. You can access it from this page – The Perfect Keto Bundle .

Let me know what flavor you go with. I hope this is awesome for you!

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