8 Surprising Keto Diet Benefits You Need To Know About


**Original post by Joshua Christensen here: NowKeto Diet Hacks

The Keto diet does more than help you lose weight. Here are 8 Keto diet benefits that show why you should start your journey to a healthier you today!

Looking to lose weight or tone up this year? Looking to build your strength or improve your overall health?

Whatever your physical or mental goals, the keto diet can help you get there- without losing your sanity at the same time.

Let’s get into the top Keto diet benefits you need to know about!

Improved Mental Clarity
One of the top Keto diet benefits goes far beyond the number of the scale or clothes size on your jeans.

When you follow the low-carb diet, you’ll likely notice a mental sharpness right away. You’ll feel more coherent and clear, and you’ll likely be able to focus better on daily tasks.

Research is backing these claims:

  • Ketones from low-carb diets are associated with cognitive improvements in aging adults.
  • Those with Alzheimer’s Disease report higher memory scores with higher levels of ketone levels.

If you’re looking to improve your mental health, ketosis might just be the answer for you.

Natural Appetite Suppression
Are you looking to lose weight, but always feeling hangry? We know the feeling, and it’s a frustrating one.

With that said, a low-carb diet like keto can naturally cut down your cravings to overeat.

That’s because protein and fat are significantly more satiating than simple carbohydrates. Research shows that people consume fewer calories overall when they choose a lower-carb diet over a higher-carb diet.

If you’re finding yourself stalling on your weight loss efforts, you may need to look into the Keto diet benefits. In fact, if you’re tired of feeling hangry an hour after eating, you’re doing it wrong!

After all, you should love the food you’re eating. If you’re feeling deprived, you’re likely to overeat or binge later on, and that’s why diets can be so ineffective.

Keto can reduce these emotional urges. Once you master the right decadent recipes, you’ll feel full and be eating less. What could be better?

Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease
There are so many modern chronic diseases associated with chronic inflammation, poor dieting, and overall risky lifestyle choices.

While a Ketogenic diet does not guarantee any insurance against developing these life-threatening conditions, it may help lower the risk, and it may also help slow down the process of certain diseases from progressing.

Some of these conditions include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Neurodegenerative processes
  • Chronic fatigue

A keto diet can help mitigate some of the risks associated with developing these concerning conditions, as it reduces your body’s inflammation.


Clear Skin
Do you struggle with frustrating skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis? They may be rooted in the basic inflammation that occurs in gut bacteria imbalances, chronic stress, and hormone imbalances.

One of the best Keto diet benefits? You’re reducing your inflammation levels. This helps improve faster healing and can clear up your skin better than expensive products.

Reduced Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels
With more and more Americans being diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, high blood sugar represents a serious epidemic in our country.

When we eat carbs, the body breaks them down into simple sugars (typically glucose) in our digestive tracts. They then enter the bloodstream and naturally increase our blood sugar levels.

However, high blood sugar levels can be dangerous. The body responds by releasing the hormone known as insulin, which signifies that the cells need to either burn or store the additional glucose.

In healthy adults, the quick insulin response minimizes the blood sugar spike in order to prevent it from hurting us. However, prediabetics and diabetics can develop insulin resistance.

When this happens, the cells cannot properly distinguish the insulin, and it is harder for the body to communicate to lower the blood sugar levels.

However, by cutting carbs, you remove the need for excess insulin. You’ll see a decrease in both blood sugar levels and insulin response.

Improved LDL Cholesterol Levels
High LDL levels can be scary. They’re associated with cardiac arrest and heart attacks, and most doctors have warned that any high cholesterol level is simply bad.

With that said, scientists now understand the different types of LDL matters, and they realize that not all of them are equal.

Size of particles matter, and those who have smaller particles present with a higher risk of developing heart disease (compared to those who have larger particles).

The good news? Low-carb diets can actually transform small LDL particles into larger ones, which can offset the risk of LDL particles dangerously floating around in your bloodstream.

In other words, improved cholesterol may be one of the Keto diet benefits you can look forward to!

Decreased Triglycerides
Triglycerides are fat molecules, and they can increase the chance of developing heart disease. However, research shows that excess carbohydrate consumption is one of the biggest risk factors in elevated triglyceride levels.

That means the opposite also rings true: lower-carb diets tend to be associated with a reduction in triglycerides. This makes for a healthier, safer you!


Loss of Abdominal Fat
Chasing that six-pack? The Keto diet can help you get there.

Many of us have stubborn subcutaneous fat and visceral fat that doesn’t just go away when you increase the number of crunches you do at the gym.

However, there is some relief. Low-carb diets are highly effective in reducing the harmful abdominal fat stores under the skin and in the abdominal cavity.

As we know, this fat is associated with increased risk for chronic diseases (not to mention- it gives you a gut that you probably don’t want!).

Final Thoughts on the Top Keto Diet Benefits
Taking care of your body and health is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. The keto diet can help transform your ideal health from a distant fantasy into an actual reality.

At NowKeto, we’re here for you throughout your journey towards wellness. Be sure to check out our high-quality products and diet supplements today!

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