NowKeto ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Keto Challenge – Giveaway!!

Update!!! Update!!! Update!!!

NowKeto and I have partnered up to offer a free registration into the ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Keto Challenge!  Go to my Instagram account look for the “Giveaway #3” post and follow the instructions to be entered to win.

Are you Ready To Challenge Yourself?

IMG_6986Do you want to:

  • Get out of a Keto Stall?
  • Take your keto diet regime to the next level?
  • Feel and look confident with your new body?
  • Perform your best?
  • Optimize your life and think clearly?
  • Do the things you have always wanted to do?
  • Learn the best Keto Tricks from an expert?
  • Take keto to the next level?

then NowKETO has you covered with their new 60 Day Keto Challenge!

– Code KETODAD15OFF save you 15% –   

NowKeto has some amazing coaches ready to help you along your journey to a better you! Nic and Lindsay will help you to achieve the most from your keto diet and live your best life now.  The 60 Day Challenge Simply Works and others have seen amazing results!

They include access to our custom workouts for your body type and meal plans for a full 60 days!  Feel and look your best with a NowKeto® Coach on your side with our ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Keto Challenge with others!

This Online Challenge Program is Designed for All:

  • Those that are currently on the diet!
  • Those that want to try keto for the first time!
  • Those that want a challenge!
  • Those that want to break a keto stall!
  • Those that want 60 days of Keto Meals
  • Those that want 60 days of Keto Exercises
  • Those that want to step up their keto game!
  • Those that live anywhere in the world!
  • Those that want to burn fat fast!
  • and more….

What is included in the ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Challenge (Value $340):

  • 60 Days of exercises, with videos, delivered to your phone daily and custom tailored to your body type.
  • 60 Day Meal Plan & Recipes delivered to your phone weekly!
  • Daily reminders, Encouragement, and Keto Tips & Tricks!
  • Digital copy of the Keto Meal Book
  • Digital copy of The Keto Guide Book
  • Access to one of our amazing professional keto coaches!
  • Special graduation gift upon completion!
  • A live “Ask Me Anything” call with your keto coach to get direction and answers for all your keto questions!
  • Access to the challenge Facebook Group for additional support and questions.
  • Discounts on NowKeto® supplements FOR LIFE!

This being a challenge… One winner per challenge will also receive (Over $500 Value!):

Now that you have made it this far… if you use the code “KETODAD15OFF“, you can save 15% on your purchase, so visit the ThriveKeto™ 60 Day Keto Challenge and get signed up.  Spots are limited and the first challenge starts on July 9, 2018. Registration closes 1 week before challenges start!


About the coaches – Nic & Lindsay:

2_2_4430baed-b66d-4779-8519-3428c1cd8dd2_2048x2048We are Nic and Lindsay, a young couple living in Santa Fe, NM with our two little pups, Rosie and Roxie. We love the outdoors and get the most out of living in the southern Rockies by hiking, biking, skiing, and being outside every weekend. We are also major foodies and fitness fanatics. We discovered the ketogenic diet in late 2017 and have never looked back since! Health, fitness, and nutrition have always been a major aspect of both our lives and the keto diet was truly a life-changing paradigm shift for us.

Nic’s interest in health and exercise has been lifelong. Fooled by the conventional diet of high grains, low fat, and tons of exercise (as pushed by doctors, his college nutrition classes, and the media), Nic used to believe this was the way to health. Nic’s fitness history includes competing in sprint and Olympic triathlons, track, and field, and now, more recently, weightlifting and Crossfit. During his competitive years in college, although relatively healthy, Nic did have slightly elevated fasting blood sugar levels, slightly elevated blood pressure, and some mental fog issues. He first discovered the ketogenic diet as a way to lose weight, have better mental clarity, and improve athletic performance. Now, with the keto diet, Nic is slimmer but more muscular than he has ever been, has great mental clarity throughout the day, and is in the best physical condition of his life. He is squatting, deadlifting, and lifting more weight than he ever has.

Lindsay was slower to convince to give the ketogenic diet a go. After a history of unsuccessful diets failing her and her body, she was ready to give up and accept that she was going to be sick the rest of her life. Lindsay has had a life-long struggle with digestive problems and was diagnosed with IBS and lactose-intolerance. She was getting sick about 4-5 days per week and had difficulty gaining weight. She also suffered from afternoon lethargy and super groggy mornings. After she started the ketogenic diet, her change has been like night and day! Not only does she have great energy levels throughout the day and wakes with energy, but her digestive issues and pains have drastically reduced. Lindsay no longer has a constant swollen and upset stomach, and the pain and embarrassment of always being one minute from a major digestive disaster are gone. Lindsay no longer has to stick to a strict eating timeline throughout the day and can miss several hours without eating and without getting hungry or the “hangries” which she used to be famous for. This may sound over exaggerated, but for the first time in her life, she feels like she is in control of her body and liberated, not stifled, by her eating.

With our new-found energy and health-optimizing diet, we now feel empowered to do more than ever before. We summit mountains on weekends, have consistent weekly workout routines that we can stick to, excel at our full-time jobs, and even completed the Santa Fe Half-Century (50 miles) bike race on our tandem bicycle. Our wellness and wellbeing have improved so much because of the ketogenic lifestyle that we have decided that our calling is to help others discover keto. Whether you are trying to fix an underlying health issue or are just looking to optimize your body composition and athletic performance, we are here to help every step of the way. Our mission is to get the nation back on a healthy, happy track, in which everyone feels great and can focus on the things they want without worrying about their health and longevity. We believe that if the essentials are taken care of, everyone is capable of accomplishing great things and deserves to feel their best. We look forward to working with you and can’t wait for you to start your ketogenic journey. Join the bandwagon to gastrointestinal greatness today!

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