The FatForWeightloss Podcast…

podcastA couple of months ago, Aaron Day over at contacted me on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in doing a podcast with him.

Aaron (@fatforweightloss on IG) and I have been following each other for a while now on IG.  We both follow a ketogenic lifestyle and enjoy cycling and such.

Needless to say, I was a little shocked that I was being asked to be interviewed for a podcast.  I mean, I am just a regular guy, father, husband, working a professional job trying to better my health and life through a ketogenic way of eating.  I don’t see how that can be very interesting…. however, I guess that is the exact reason that my story, and my journey, really click with a lot of people…. the fact that I am just a regular guy…

Please take a listen to the  podcast and give it 5 stars… that will really help Aaron as he is growing is channel and his online presence through IG, YouTube, Web, and now Podcasts.

The Keto Dad on The FatForWeightloss Show – Podcast #3

Thank you all for following my story and interacting with me through my various outlets.  I hope my interview will help you in some way.



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