Who me?

IMG_4857About me…  hmm.  This is tougher than one may think!  Yes, that is me pondering over there…. I am nothing special.  Just a 40-ish year old father of two kids and a husband of 16 years trying to better my life for the betterment of my family.

September of 2016, after a not so great visit with my doctor, I made the conscious decision that I was not going to be put on any more medications and, in fact, was going to work to get off of the meds I was currently taking.  That fateful visit, I weighed in the heaviest that I have been my entire life…. 269lbs.  I was on blood pressure medication, reflux meds, and, yes I admit it, anti-depressants.

The very next day, I started to be mindful of what I was eating and starting planning exercise routines and such.  Over the next couple of months I was able to lose about 10 lbs.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I challenge you to lose 10 pounds over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!  I was happy with the weight loss, however, I found myself constantly tired, constantly hungry, and my mood was all over the place.  The lost weight just didn’t seem worth the effort I was putting in… so I began researching what I was doing “wrong” and what I can do different to change things for the better.

That is when I came across information about a ketogenic lifestyle.  Like most, I immediately thought… “oh this is just like the Atkins Diet…”.  However, I kept reading and learning what it is all about and decided to ease into it to see if it can fit in my routine/schedule, because for me. that is the only way for me to succeed.  With two kids, two vocal dogs, a house layout where everyone can hear activity in the kitchen, it is very difficult in the mornings.  The mornings are the week point in my routine.  At his point I was already drinking protein shakes in the morning for breakfast because I could easily prepare them and walk out the door without much disturbance in the house.  It was very easy for me to switch this to bulletproof coffee instead of the protein shake.

One of the other “first” changes I started to make early on, was swapping out dill pikle spears for anything salty and crunchy that I was craving.  I slowly began work in salads for lunches, ordering bunless burgers or lettuce wrapped sandwiches.  These small changes over time helped me ease into the lifestyle of living low carb, high fat.

When it came to dinnertime, my wife normally cooks.  I am the only one in the family currently pursuing a low carb lifestyle, so dinners were particularly interesting.  I needed to muster the will power to avoid the carbs and sugars and utilize the proteins and fats that have been prepared, and if nothing was going to work, there are always eggs!  Eggs became a great fill in for me when I needed something that would work with my macros ant his translated throughout the entire day, not just dinnertime.

So, fast -forward a few months to now…  I am still pursuing a low carb, high fat lifestyle and focus primarily on the following things:

  • Am I hungry?  ..  If so, eat something LCHF.  If not, cool keep on, keepin on!
  • What am I putting in my body?  Is it LCHF, is it highly processed? Do I really need this?….  see answer to question 1.

This scenario has been my staple for the last several months and has led me to lose a total of 50 pounds.  It is also this simplistic viewpoint that has made sure I am eating good foods and foods that my body will function its best on!  Living this lifestyle has cleared away the cob webs in my head and allowed not just my body to function efficiently, but my mind as well.  It is remarkable how much clearer my mind is and how focused I am on tasks and on life now.  Mental clarity is one of those things that is hard to quantify and just as hard to explain, however, once it happens, you certainly notice the change!

So that is a little about me and the last year or so of my life.  I hope things on my little web space can bring inspiration to you and your journey!  Thank you for taking the time to nose around and get to know me a little.


The Keto Dad